Welcome to Battle Rations; a ministry created with one goal and one purpose in mind: providing Catholic men with the sustenance needed to fight the good fight, resist the enemy, and keep pushing forward into the breach.

On September 29, 2015, the Feast of Archangels, Bishop Thomas J. Olmstead, Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix, called Catholic men of all ages throughout his diocese to battle with his apostolic exhortation, Into the Breach. In his call to battle, Bishop Olmstead offers his response to the question, What practices can help us to take up our cross and follow our King? Our shepherd calls Catholic men to daily actions that include prayer, examination of one’s conscience, attending Mass, reading scripture, keeping the Sabbath holy, and then monthly actions that include confession and finally, building fraternity with other Catholic men.

Our mission with Battle Rations is realized in building fraternity with Catholic men; a fraternity who will run to battle together, who will resist the enemy, and who will dive into the breach.


Twice a month, through the Battle Rations podcast produced by EcclesiaCast, we’ll be sharing the thoughts, strategies, and practical actions that influential Catholic men from around the world are committing to every day, every month to strengthen their relationships with the Lord and His Church.

The thoughts and experiences of influential Catholic educators, speakers, authors, artists, musicians, business professionals, priests, and laymen alike will serve as battle rations – the very strategies and practical actions that we can take for sustenance in battle as we drive forward into the breach.

We encourage you to lock shields with us and join the brotherhood.