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Battle Rations with Charles Lanza

Today, Battle Rations is proud to welcome Charles Lanza, founder of His Beloved Son. His Beloved Son was created to help guide men in understanding that men are, first and foremost, beloved sons of God the Father. His Beloved Son believes that there exists a crisis of masculine identity – a crisis that often leads to men losing focus on their call to devote their lives to the pursuit, defense, and service of the Love from which they have all been created. It’s the intention of His Beloved Son to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to help men know and accept His love by educating, encouraging, uniting, and leading men to a prayerful understanding of our loving Father with insights, stories, and reflections on their blog – located of course at HisBelovedSon.org.

I was first exposed to His Beloved Son through Instagram with a picture of 2 mugs and the words, “My Beer with Jesus.” I quickly made my way to the blog post the picture referenced, authored by Jeffrey Block, Charles’ close friend and co-founder of His Beloved Son. I was captivated by the entry almost immediately.

During my conversation with Charles, we explored how Charles and his close friends, Luke & Jeffrey, began their intentional search for relationship with God the Father – leading to the creation of HisBelovedSon.org. We continue with the blessings Charles has experienced as a newlywed, his earliest Catholic memories as an altar server, the journey he’s experienced as a Catholic man including the blessing of his Catholic education, and the power of the St. Michael prayer and the rosary in his life.

We talk sacramentals, recommendations for Catholic literature, how the movie, A Quiet Place, serves as a modern day representation of the role of a husband & father in battle, Charles’ strategies for defending his wife and home from the evil one, and what Charles finds in his band of brothers.

Gentlemen, not only do I encourage you to discern how the battle strategies that our brother shares can be applied to your life for your efforts in battle and for stepping forward into the breach – but I also encourage you to visit HisBelovedSon.org, bookmark the site, and visit often.

Join the battle and support our efforts with Battle Rations!

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