The Power of Humility | Fr. Claude Burns

Battle Rations with Fr. Claude Burns

Today, we continue our conversation with the wisdom and the strategies of the very first priest to bless the Battle Rations podcast, Fr. Claude Burns aka Fr. Pontifex.

We discuss:

  • The power of consecration to the Blessed Mother
  • Father’s thoughts on the need for men to defend the Church today and strategies men can employ
  • Father’s experiences with the enemy including seeing his face and physical encounters he’s had
  • Strategies for defending his flock from the evil one, what he finds in his band of brothers and what he looks for in accountability with his tribe
  • Father’s encouragement for Catholic men both fighting in battle and Catholic men who have yet to pick up their swords and shields

A very special thank you to those of you who listened to part 1 of our conversation with Father. As of the publishing of Part 2 of our conversation with Father, we’ve had over 300 downloads – what an awesome blessing!

To our new listeners – thank you! To those who’ve been with us since we began, thank you as well! And of course, to Father Burns for sharing his strategies for battle, a very special thank you!

What a start we’ve had to our ministry, brothers and trust me, we have big things planned for Battle Rations! We can’t wait for you to be a part of what we have in store!

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