Welcome to Battle Rations

Welcome to Battle Rations: a community created with one goal and one purpose in mind: providing you, my Catholic brothers, with the sustenance you need to fight the good fight, resist the enemy, and keep pushing forward into the breach.

My name is Marco Velasquez, the creator of Battle Rations. I created Battle Rations for one reason: this type of experience, this type of project – it’s never existed before. And to be honest, I don’t know if it’s ever been needed as much as it is today.

Let me explain…

Like all of you, I’m a sinner and I’m constantly falling short of God’s grace. And, like so many of you listening, I wake every morning with every intention to do the best I can to serve my God, His Church, and my family. Thing is, though – like all of you, I fall short every day. And, because I fall short, I do what I can to push forward. I pray, I read, I go to Mass, I visit the confessional regularly, but I know in my heart, I can do more. But what is that “more?”

Like never before in history, we have access to information. We carry small computers with us everywhere we go and with a simple search on these electronic devices, we have immediate answers to nearly any question we ask. Directions to where we need to travel? Check. Where to eat? Yup. The latest scores? You got it. Even prayers and devotionals are easily accessible through apps and websites. But in our battles as Catholic men, what if we had access to more? But not just “more” information but something that’s real, experiences that are authentic, practical behaviors, and actions of real substance that we can put into action. Not tomorrow, but today.

This, my brothers, is where the idea for Battle Rations was born.

The name, “Battle Rations” was inspired by what soldiers are provided for physical sustenance in battle: military rations, combat rations, or ration packs – pre-packaged meals made for quick consumption in times of war. I’ll tell you something you already know, brothers – we’re in the middle of the battle and we’re all in need of rations. Few understand this truth as much as the Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix.

On September 29, 2015, the Feast of Archangels, Bishop Thomas J. Olmstead, Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix, called Catholic men of all ages throughout his diocese to battle; with his apostolic exhortation: Into the Breach. In his call to battle, Bishop Olmstead offers his response to the question, “What practices can help us to take up our cross and follow our King?” He calls Catholic men to daily actions that include prayer, examination of one’s conscience, attending Mass, reading scripture, keeping the Sabbath holy, and then monthly actions that include confession and finally, building fraternity with other Catholic men.

My entire mission with Battle Rations is realized in building fraternity with you, my Catholic brothers: a fraternity who will run to battle together, who will resist the enemy, and who will dive into the breach.

Twice a month, through the Battle Rations podcast, I’ll be bringing you the thoughts, strategies, and practical steps that influential Catholic men from around the world are committing to every day, every month to strengthen their relationships with the Lord and His Church. My mission includes bringing you the thoughts and experiences of influential Catholic educators, speakers, authors, artists, musicians, business professionals, priests, and laymen alike. The vision? Providing us all with the rations, the strategies, and practical actions that we can take for sustenance in battle as we drive forward into the breach. We’re bringing the rations to your electronic device, twice a month, for as Long as the Lord makes this possible.

So wow can you get involved right now and join the brotherhood in battle?

I have 5 ways that won’t cost you a thing other than a small part of your time:

  1. Subscribe to the Battle Rations podcast and rate us on iTunes. Your subscription and rating will help us get the word out to Catholic men around the world – Catholic men aching for sustenance for the mission
  2. Connect with us Facebook. Visit facebook.com/battlerations and like our page for the latest Battle Rations news and updates
  3. Subscribe to the Battle Rations newsletter. We’ll be engaging brothers with contests, promotions, giveaways, and additional resources outside of the podcast – we’d love for you to be involved and engaged
  4. Share the Battle Rations podcast. Share with your Catholic friends and family – it’s easy to do through social media or in your conversations with your Catholic brothers over a pint.
  5. Pray for us. Pray for Battle Rations and the Battle Rations podcast.

As we move forward with Battle Rations, we’re looking for influential Catholic men to interview. If you know an influential Catholic man who’d be willing to share his insights, his experiences, and his strategies for battle, we’d also like to know him! Email me: marco@battlerations.com.

We have so much to look forward to in equipping you with sustenance for the mission with Battle Rations! If you have questions, thoughts, or comments, email me: marco@battlerations.com. I’d love to hear from you. Until next time, keep fighting the good fight, keep resisting the enemy, and keep pushing forward into the breach.

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