The time for Catholic men around the world to unite, lock shields, and defend who and what we love most is now.

The foundation of Battle Rations is found in three actions: engage, defend, and persist.

By joining the Battle Rations brotherhood, you’ll be the first to hear of Battle Rations-hosted events, experiences, giveaways, contests, promotions, and so much more. It’s our way of staying connected with you, our brothers.

Engage in the battle. Get involved. Draw your sword. Put on your your helmet. Pick up your shield.

Answer the call to battle.

Step into the breach. Lock shields with your brothers. Protect who and what you love most. Defend your Church. Defend your family. 

Give everything you have.

You’re going to fall. You’re going to fail. Get back up. Keep pressing on. Keep pace until you have nothing left to give.

Never give up.

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I call on laymen to form small fellowship groups for mutual support and growth in the faith. There is no friendship like having a friend in Christ.
Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted
Bishop of Phoenix, AZ